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...and done. Welcome back

Welcome to the all new - the home of BMC WebDesign

It took me longer than I had expected, and there’s still a few things that need tweaking, but I am now pleased to present you with the all new site design for
Among the many changes that have taken place, here’s a few:

  • an all new home page (of which I am rather proud) - this adds some much needed functionality to default landing page.
  • new support documentation pages - they’re empty at the moment, but I’ll fill them up before releasing my premium themes.
  • a new theme request service built on wikidot data forms. I think I’ve got it pretty much sorted so that submissions can be kept private if wanted.

Site upgrades about to begin

If you watch this site, prepare to be inundated with emails.

In a couple of days time I will begin to give this site a makeover. In addition to a whole new design, I’ll be slightly rearranging the site to prepare for the imminent release of premium and custom themes.

The design will be cross-browser friendly to allow greater access, while still taking full advantage of the CSS3 features that I love. Once the upgrade is finished I'll outline the changes made right here.
New content to be added to the site will revolve around support documentation, a more organised way of presenting themes, and the infrastructure to allow a (hopefully) seamless custom theme request form, built using wikidot data forms. I've also made a much more functional home page that will replace the static page in use at the moment.

Remove RSS link from ListPages module

It has nearly been two weeks since my last post, mainly because I’m (supposed to be) studying for exams, but I just couldn’t resist myself, so here’s a very quick little tip.

RSS link

When you use the ListPages module to generate an RSS feed, a little icon with a link to that feed is automatically added to the bottom of the list-pages-box. But if you already have a more pronounced link to your RSS feed elsewhere on your site, you may want to remove this link. By just adding the code below, now you can…

.list-pages-box .feedinfo {
    display: none;

Updates to site theme

We've made some changes to the theme for this site… what do you think?


When my internet connection spat the dummy a couple a weeks ago, I figured there wasn't much I could do to update this site - then I realised that the software I use to code the CSS for the theme, CSSedit by MacRabbit, allows you to work offline. As long as you have a page loaded in the live preview window, you can leave it open for as long as you like and edit the CSS, seeing the changes you make in real time, without the need for an internet connection. Plus, you can even add files to the CSS locally (by just dragging them into the editor) - no need to upload them to the web. This is especially handy when you need to make slight adjustments to the image - so much quicker!

So I took this opportunity to make some alterations to the theme for this site. The most obvious is the new pattern on the background, but there's some more as well:

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