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Add a tweet button to your wikidot site

Go viral on twitter by integrating simple sharing on your wikidot site.

twitter share popup

I've just added a new snippet to the ever-growing list of user-contributed code at that allows you to easily add the official Twitter tweet button to your wikidot site. All you have to do is use the following code…

[[include :snippets:tweet-button
|text=Check out this awesome page on @wikidot

Blog update - now with Twitter!

Some changes to this blog - better tags, and now with embedded twitter.

twitter logo

This is just a quick post to highlight some recent changes I have made to this blog.
The most noticeable is twitter - I've embedded my latest tweets in two place - one at the top of the blog start page, and 4 tweets in the sidebar. This is all thanks to a jQuery plugin I found here. When I get around to it, I'll explain how you can add something similar to your site as well.

The second change is to the way tags are handled - rather than using the default system:tags, I've used @URL in the start page to make it more user friendly. Clicking on tags will now shows a list of posts styled the same as the blog start page. Again, I plan on writing a how-to for those of you not sure how to use @URL in the ListPages module.

So now you have no reason not to be following me on Twitter!

Image credit: Productive Dreams

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