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I finally splashed out that hard earned $9.95 and bought a domain for the site - and to go with it, a semi re-branding of BMC WebDesign. You see, I always felt WebDesign was a little bit too specific - I could only really do one thing under that name… design for the web. But now, with BMC Creative, I can confidently commit all sorts of fraud business related entrepreneurship. Even though it may have happened on a whim, I'm happy with the new name and look forward to expanding what services I offer.

What I blog about here at will for the most part remain the same, however now that the domain isn't css3, I might start posting about more than just web design. Time will tell.

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New site theme - 2011

Welcome to the new BMC Blog

After finally finding a few spare hours, I decided it was time to give this site a makeover. The old theme was beginning to get on my nerves a little - new bugs were showing up, the CSS was getting bloated and pages seemed to take longer to load. With the new theme, I decided to take the site back to its roots, with a focus on the blog itself. Not only is this reflected in the design of the theme, but I also removed a lot of unnecessary, sometimes never-completed pages from the site that served no real purpose.

With the new theme I’ve incorporated a couple of my latest wikidot ideas, which you’ll be able to see if you dig deep enough, and that I’ll share with you in the coming days.

While I’ve tried to complete as much as I can with minimal site down-time, the update to the site is still only partially completed, meaning some sections (such as the button generator) are currently unavailable. Once these more complex pages have been migrated to the new theme, I’ll open them back up.

2010 in Review

2010 in review banner

A look back at the year that was 2010.

As another year draws to a close, I decided it would be nice to reflect back on the year that was here at wikidot, and in particular this here little blog. For me, it is hard to believe that only nine months ago I started up as a place to document my continued learning of CSS and the wonderful wikidot platform. It started off with a rather rough theme that probably only worked properly in Safari and Chrome, but as my knowledge of CSS and web design has grown, so too has the design of this site, and it should now display correctly in most major browsers, even if it’s still a little rough in IE.

Alongside the blog I said I was going to release some new themes for wikidot, and then promptly released just one theme in about 8 months. This has since changed, and there are now a number of quality BMC themes available on the wikidot themes site, each a little better than the last as my knowledge of CSS continues to develop. I want to continue to provide the community with quality free themes, and early in 2011 you will hopefully see a number of new BMC themes.

Blog update - now with Twitter!

Some changes to this blog - better tags, and now with embedded twitter.

twitter logo

This is just a quick post to highlight some recent changes I have made to this blog.
The most noticeable is twitter - I've embedded my latest tweets in two place - one at the top of the blog start page, and 4 tweets in the sidebar. This is all thanks to a jQuery plugin I found here. When I get around to it, I'll explain how you can add something similar to your site as well.

The second change is to the way tags are handled - rather than using the default system:tags, I've used @URL in the start page to make it more user friendly. Clicking on tags will now shows a list of posts styled the same as the blog start page. Again, I plan on writing a how-to for those of you not sure how to use @URL in the ListPages module.

So now you have no reason not to be following me on Twitter!

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...and done. Welcome back

Welcome to the all new - the home of BMC WebDesign

It took me longer than I had expected, and there’s still a few things that need tweaking, but I am now pleased to present you with the all new site design for
Among the many changes that have taken place, here’s a few:

  • an all new home page (of which I am rather proud) - this adds some much needed functionality to default landing page.
  • new support documentation pages - they’re empty at the moment, but I’ll fill them up before releasing my premium themes.
  • a new theme request service built on wikidot data forms. I think I’ve got it pretty much sorted so that submissions can be kept private if wanted.

Site upgrades about to begin

If you watch this site, prepare to be inundated with emails.

In a couple of days time I will begin to give this site a makeover. In addition to a whole new design, I’ll be slightly rearranging the site to prepare for the imminent release of premium and custom themes.

The design will be cross-browser friendly to allow greater access, while still taking full advantage of the CSS3 features that I love. Once the upgrade is finished I'll outline the changes made right here.
New content to be added to the site will revolve around support documentation, a more organised way of presenting themes, and the infrastructure to allow a (hopefully) seamless custom theme request form, built using wikidot data forms. I've also made a much more functional home page that will replace the static page in use at the moment.

Our new sidebar

Another update to the site - a brand new sidebar & about this site slideout tip

I’ve never really been happy with the sidebar for this site. While the old one served its purpose well, it always just seemed to be in the way and a little hard on the eye. So I decided it was time to give it a makeover - in line with the other site adjustments made just a few days ago.

Taking inspiration from the many, many sites on the internet, I decided to go with separating the individual content of the sidebar into numerous containers - a technique popular among blogs, and one that I have always wanted to replicate in Wikidot. This type of design is not only easy on the eye, but also helps to distinguish the sidebar’s content. The new sidebar also allowed me to add some much needed colour to the site in the form of the headers of the sidebar boxes.
In redesigning the sidebar, I also took the liberty of increasing the site’s width from 900px to 1050px - a more comfortable width in my opinion (maybe just because of my widescreen computer?).

Streamline your page comments

Leave all but the necessities in your page comments with this quick and easy makeover


When you use the Comments module to add page-by-page comments to your site, you’re effectively taking a thread from the forum and adding it to each page. While this is a quick and easy way of allowing people to chat about the content of that page, the design itself leaves you with lots of extras that would be fine in the forum, but are a little out of place at the bottom of the page. So we’re going to show you how to give the comments module a makeover, removing all but the bare essentials, so that the focus is back on the comments themselves - Oh, and we’ll make it look nice too!

First, we’ll get rid of all the unnecessary content - you can remove as much or as little as you like, it’s all up to you. Personally, for page comments, all I really want to see is the comment, who posted it and when. That means I’ll remove the post title, the options in the post head, user signatures, their avatar and karma and post changes. To let people fix any mistakes in their post, it’s a good idea to leave the options link at the bottom of the post.

.comments-box .title {
    display: none;
.comments-box .head .options {
    display: none;
.comments-box .post .signature {
    display: none;
.comments-box .head .info .printuser .small {
    display: none;
.comments-box .post .changes, .comments-box .post .long .changes {
    display: none;

That leaves us with the following:
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