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Set tags button - first look

BMC Quickies

Quickie: First impressions of the new set tags buttons

The latest feature to arrive at Wikidot is the set tags button, which allows you to add or remove a tag or tags with a simple button action. The first impressions are good, especially given it hasn't even been officially launched yet. I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with, and what new functionality can be developed off the back of what seems a rather simple feature. To get you all started, here's my first take at setting the button to work - creating a personalised favourites list.

[!-- In a Live template --]
[[module ListUsers users="."]]
[[iftags -_favourite%%number%%]]
[[button set-tags +_favourite%%number%% text="add to my favourites"]]

[[iftags +_favourite%%number%%]]
This app is in your favourites list. [[button set-tags -_favourite%%number%% text="Remove from favourites."]]

[!-- In user profile page --]
+++ My favourites list
[[module ListPages tags="_favourite%%name%%" separate="no"]]
* %%title_linked%%

I'm interested to know what you other wikidot gurus have in mind for the new button. Consider this a brainstorming session… go!

Secure user profile contact form

BMC Quickies

Quickie: Easily add a secure contact form to your per-site user profiles

On several sites I've seen per-site user profiles that have a link to PM this user, which leads to the user account page. Often this is less than ideal, because it means users have to leave the familiarity of your site for the Wikidot account page, which they may never have seen before. The alternative is to setup a MailForm module on your profile:_template page with to="%%created_by%%". I've tested this over at RoaringApps, and it works a-okay, only sending the message to the specified user.

Word wrap in error blocks

BMC Quickies

Quickie: Fix over-hanging URLs in wikidot error blocks.

Recently, RSS feeds have been having some trouble loading, and they're sometimes replaced with an error block that explains this. One problem though: the URL is often too long for the containing div.

Error processing the feed "". The feed can not be accessed or contains errors.

How do we fix this? Word wrap!

Extend length of external theme input box

BMC Quickies

Quickie: Make the site manager a little more user friendly with this quick little code snippet.

The input box for external themes in the site manager has always annoyed me; it's hardly big enough to fit even the smallest of URLs (excluding relative URLs). You may or may not be equally annoyed by this. Either way, here's how to fix it:

#sm-appearance-external-url {
    width: 450px;

Add that in a CSS module on your admin:manage page, or in your site's custom CSS, and enjoy the freedom that a larger input box brings.

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