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Introducing Edmund - Wikidot explorer

Explore your Wikidot site like never before.

Today, I would like to introduce to you my very first Wikidot app - Edmund.

I have long wanted to understand JavaScript and jQuery, for they are languages of the web that are ubiquitous, and they are not about to go away. I've always looked on at those who understood this gobbledy-gook with much jealousy. Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and dive right in, and what better way to teach myself than to set a challenge - a Wikidot site explorer web application. Which brings us to Edmund…

The premise is simple - one place to see and manage your entire Wikidot site with a simple, structured interface and quick, easy editing. Implementing it wasn't quite as simple. I nearly gave up half way through when things weren't working the way I wanted to, but I persevered and I'm glad I did.

Site Launch -

Application compatibility for Mac OS X Lion the wikidot way.

Today I am very pleased to announce the launch of my latest wikidot project, This site was deemed special enough for me (a notorious scrooge when it comes to money) to splash out and buy a domain name.

Yes, it is a shameless attempt at recreating the popularity of - but it's worth it, I swear. You see, it always frustrated me how the aforementioned site was so popular, but did not use wikidot to its greatest potential. So I went about creating RoaringApps, and what was a going to be a small little project grew, and grew, and grew… into the most technically advanced wikidot site I have created thus far.

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