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I finally splashed out that hard earned $9.95 and bought a domain for the site - and to go with it, a semi re-branding of BMC WebDesign. You see, I always felt WebDesign was a little bit too specific - I could only really do one thing under that name… design for the web. But now, with BMC Creative, I can confidently commit all sorts of fraud business related entrepreneurship. Even though it may have happened on a whim, I'm happy with the new name and look forward to expanding what services I offer.

What I blog about here at will for the most part remain the same, however now that the domain isn't css3, I might start posting about more than just web design. Time will tell.

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New site theme - 2011

Welcome to the new BMC Blog

After finally finding a few spare hours, I decided it was time to give this site a makeover. The old theme was beginning to get on my nerves a little - new bugs were showing up, the CSS was getting bloated and pages seemed to take longer to load. With the new theme, I decided to take the site back to its roots, with a focus on the blog itself. Not only is this reflected in the design of the theme, but I also removed a lot of unnecessary, sometimes never-completed pages from the site that served no real purpose.

With the new theme I’ve incorporated a couple of my latest wikidot ideas, which you’ll be able to see if you dig deep enough, and that I’ll share with you in the coming days.

While I’ve tried to complete as much as I can with minimal site down-time, the update to the site is still only partially completed, meaning some sections (such as the button generator) are currently unavailable. Once these more complex pages have been migrated to the new theme, I’ll open them back up.

Site Launch -

Application compatibility for Mac OS X Lion the wikidot way.

Today I am very pleased to announce the launch of my latest wikidot project, This site was deemed special enough for me (a notorious scrooge when it comes to money) to splash out and buy a domain name.

Yes, it is a shameless attempt at recreating the popularity of - but it's worth it, I swear. You see, it always frustrated me how the aforementioned site was so popular, but did not use wikidot to its greatest potential. So I went about creating RoaringApps, and what was a going to be a small little project grew, and grew, and grew… into the most technically advanced wikidot site I have created thus far.

Premium themes still coming... just not yet.

Release of BMC Premium Themes has been delayed

I’ve decided not to release any premium themes just yet, mainly because I’m not 100% happy with the couple that I’ve got just about complete. Now that I’m back at university, I just don’t have the time to sit down and iron out a few little bugs in the code, and I don’t feel happy selling a product that I know has a bug in it. But don’t worry, I’m still dedicated to bringing premium themes to wikidot, and all things going well, I should have them ready by the end of the year.

I will continue to post new articles on this blog in the meantime, even if they’re not as frequent as I would like. And I have a couple of other data form related applications that I’m developing that will be ready soon.

I thank you all for your patience… even if you weren't planning on getting a premium theme.

Now back to trying to figure out how to use SecondLife. (It's for a uni assignment, I swear! No really, it is.)


...and done. Welcome back

Welcome to the all new - the home of BMC WebDesign

It took me longer than I had expected, and there’s still a few things that need tweaking, but I am now pleased to present you with the all new site design for
Among the many changes that have taken place, here’s a few:

  • an all new home page (of which I am rather proud) - this adds some much needed functionality to default landing page.
  • new support documentation pages - they’re empty at the moment, but I’ll fill them up before releasing my premium themes.
  • a new theme request service built on wikidot data forms. I think I’ve got it pretty much sorted so that submissions can be kept private if wanted.

Remove RSS link from ListPages module

It has nearly been two weeks since my last post, mainly because I’m (supposed to be) studying for exams, but I just couldn’t resist myself, so here’s a very quick little tip.

RSS link

When you use the ListPages module to generate an RSS feed, a little icon with a link to that feed is automatically added to the bottom of the list-pages-box. But if you already have a more pronounced link to your RSS feed elsewhere on your site, you may want to remove this link. By just adding the code below, now you can…

.list-pages-box .feedinfo {
    display: none;
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