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Polaroid Images

We thought we'd start off with something just about every site could use - a polaroid image frame. It's a fairly widely documented effect of CSS3, but nevertheless we're bringing it to you.

First off, this is what the final result will look like.


A lovely Giraffe

There are two ways of adding this to your site: either to every image on your site, or only to those wrapped in a specific div class. We're going with the second. As for where to put the CSS, if you have a custom theme you can add it in there, otherwise you can just put it in a CSS module on each page you have the image. This is the same for just about every entry we'll post, so take note, because we won't be writing it with every single time.


So tell me, what's this all about?

Here at BMC WebDesign, we love wikidot. We also love the style and class of CSS3. So we've decided to bring the two together, in this here blog. We plan on bringing you tutorials and how to's on adding simple, practical and stylish content to your wikidot site, using the advanced features of CSS3. Some you'll be able to add directly into your pages, others will be aimed at those creating custom themes. And to top it all off, we're going to offer you some of our Wikidot Themes, lovingly created, and home-made, to give your wikidot site a fresh new makeover that you'll never regret. This site is brand spanking new, so bear with us as we sort out any teething problems, but most of all, we hope you enjoy the ride.

CSS3, what's that?

If you're reading this wondering what on earth CSS3 is, don't close your browser just yet. Let us enlighten you…

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