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New free themes - Freshly Squeezed

More great new themes for your wikidot site.

new free themes - freshly squeezed

To celebrate the end of exams, today I am pleased to announce the arrival of a couple of new free themes for your wikidot sites - the Freshly Squeezed range of themes.

These themes are simple and flexible, and will suit just about any wikidot site - they are available in a range of colours, or you can easily create your own variation.

You can check them out on the themes site at the links below:

You can also see a live preview of the orange variation here.


Please welcome to the family

Today I am pleased to announce the arrival of an all new site here at wikidot - The site is a designed to house user-contributed templates for the all new wikidot newsletter feature, much like It is also home to a testing ground for those of you designing your own newsletters - a mock-up of the wikidot 'My Account' private messages section, so that you know exactly how your newsletter is going to look when you send it to all of your site's members.

The site makes use of wikidot data forms, @URL in ListPages and James' extended new page module to generate live previews of each theme in the mock-up My Account design on-the-fly.

While the site is mostly completed, there are still a few things that need ironing out, so if anyone is interested in helping to finish the site off and maintain it in the long-term, I welcome you to contact me.

I also welcome everyone's feedback on how you thing the site could be improved - either in the comments section below or over at the discuss section on the new site.

I have added the first newsletter template to the site already - I would post a photo of it here, but where's the fun in that? You'll have to head over there to grab a glimpse of it.

Most importantly, I look forward to seeing what other members of the community create.

Create a slide-up admin panel with CSS3

Put administrative links for your site in easy reach with this slide-up admin panel.

admin panel

Partly inspired by a forum thread on the community site, and partly something I've always wanted to add but never got around to it, I decided to create an administrative panel that can be accessed on any page of the site, only by me, and always just a mouse hover away. And because I'm the only one using it, I got to fill it with all sorts of CSS3 goodies. Read on for more details…

New free theme - Blue Heaven

Finally, a new free theme from BMC WebDesign.


This is just a quick post to announce the arrival of an all new, free theme here at wikidot - Blue Heaven. I hadn't planned on releasing any themes until after exams, but last night I had an urge to create a theme, and I honestly couldn't sleep until it was done. Sad, right? Oh well… the result's not half bad.

You can grab a glimpse of it in the live preview here, and then you'll just need to grab yourself the URL from here or here. Enjoy!

Recent changes to Wikidot base CSS

Some changes to the wikidot-base.css file that you may have missed.

Okay, so this post comes in two parts. The first being a little realisation I just had - if you have two pieces of text you want to compare, why not use wikidot? Create a page and save it with the first piece of text. Then edit that page and replace it with the second. Now go to history, and compare the two versions - so simple, yet I have never thought of it before.

This leads nicely on to the second part of the post (which is significantly bigger, and thus gets the title all to itself) - I used the method described above to compare a version of the wikidot base CSS I had saved from April 15, 2010, with a version from today; and there a quite a few differences - some which have gone unannounced, and some that I cannot explain. Now some of these changes may have happened a couple of months ago, and some only yesterday, but nonetheless, I'll try to get through them all. Here goes…

New: h3 is now bold

I actually noticed this earlier today while working on the previous post - all of a sudden the post taglines were bold, and I couldn't figure out why. Well now I know - they sneakily changed the h3 font-weight from normal to bold.

h3 {
    font-weight: bold;
    font-size: 130%;

The wikidot editor - it's not as bad as you think

Some quality time spent with the wikidot editor revealed it's not all that bad.

Recently I was doing some styling with the wikidot editor to see if I could make it look less… (insert word of choice here). To me, it has always been functional over aesthetic. It gets the job done without screaming at you how good it is. So I took it upon myself to try and restyle it a little bit - and the result wasn't half bad.


So that's the aesthetics out of the way, how about the functionality? As I've mentioned before, I've never really been one to make use of the editor's buttons, which is a shame, because there's some great functionality in there. Not only do they cover just about all the wiki syntax your average Joe will ever need, but there's some great wizards there that will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. A little bit of CSS to make it less harsh on the eye and these popup windows start to look half alright. Check after the break for some shots of my styled popups.

Blog update - now with Twitter!

Some changes to this blog - better tags, and now with embedded twitter.

twitter logo

This is just a quick post to highlight some recent changes I have made to this blog.
The most noticeable is twitter - I've embedded my latest tweets in two place - one at the top of the blog start page, and 4 tweets in the sidebar. This is all thanks to a jQuery plugin I found here. When I get around to it, I'll explain how you can add something similar to your site as well.

The second change is to the way tags are handled - rather than using the default system:tags, I've used @URL in the start page to make it more user friendly. Clicking on tags will now shows a list of posts styled the same as the blog start page. Again, I plan on writing a how-to for those of you not sure how to use @URL in the ListPages module.

So now you have no reason not to be following me on Twitter!

Image credit: Productive Dreams

Wikidot Newsletters - first look

A quick look at the latest feature to hit Wikidot - newsletters you can send to all the members of your site.

Yesterday (or last night, depending on where you are) Wikidot quietly introduced a new feature - a way to PM all the members of your site. All you have to do is go to your site manager, and under the members section choose 'Send Newsletter'.

The good thing for those of you interested in aesthetics is that you can use inline divs and styling to make the Newsletter look good. As a quick test, I created the Newsletter below…

wikidot newsletter
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