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postComment: "Bryce, I think that the trade-off is there yes, but you know, I pay for a \"service\" and as a customer, I am not looking for trade-offs, but for my needs to be met. Heck, I'd pay more if I could get what I needed, rather than to have to make trade-offs based on advantageous that, while they do exist, don't really make me feel any better when I am having to juggle so many things at once. \n\nAt the same time, many of those benefits are lost on the average person with little technical ability but the wish to start a site in his or her niche. In other words the tradeoff is between \"advanced\" abilities and basic function, like the ability to communicate with your members. \n\nRob, I don't think that would work but for a very few people..honestly, I didn't even understand any of it and my typical user certainly would not do any of that. I mean, it sound brilliant but hopelessly complicated for sites like mine. These are people who are being asked to sign up for a strength training forum and they have hundreds of other choices. Meanwhile, some of those other forums are sending them emails while they are forgetting all about having signed up for my site once upon a time on the spur of the moment! \n\nThe thing is, I would settle for the ability to email my members but not actually having physical access to their email addresses. In other words, if the existing newsletter sent out emails, instead of just PM's to members who \"opted in\" I would be happy. \n\nBy the way, Bryce, your comment counts aren't updating correctly on your main page. "

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