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postComment: "I have some sympathy with Eric here. Due to the lack of access to a member's email address, what we do for company intranets and have done for a couple of public sites, for example, is to make sure that all prospective members contact us and we set up an email account for them on the domain we are using for the site (which is always a custom domain) and we use that email account for all site-related communications. They use that email account to create their account on Wikidot, or we create the account for them if they prefer.\n\nSo for example we have ku.gro.egallivreffephtarts|ravgiarc#ku.gro.egallivreffephtarts|ravgiarc, ku.gro.egallivreffephtarts|slloccm#ku.gro.egallivreffephtarts|slloccm, ku.gro.egallivreffephtarts|letoh.dnalhgih#ku.gro.egallivreffephtarts|letoh.dnalhgih and so on - there are about 60 of them on that site. We help members to add these accounts to their Outlook or Outlook Express, and there is a page on the site with a login directly to the webmail account on 1&1 (our host) if they prefer to use webmail.\n\nThis is not an ideal solution and would not work for all site admins. Also, some people do not like having 2 email accounts, although for some people (smaller businesses in the village usually) it gives them an email account for the first time. Perhaps surprisingly there are still people without even a basic business email! \n\nBut this method gets over the problem of not having access to members' email addresses and allows us to then issue newsletters, attach documents and notify members of important site update info without resorting to PMs."

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