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postComment: "I actually would add one thing. A big turn off to peers that have approached me about whether I would recommend that they start a site with wikidot, is the way membership is handled. \n\nDiscussing this with them, I've had to explain how I have to spend a lot of time on building a SEPARATE newsletter, in the hopes of having a list of interested subscribers that I can get in touch with and remind them about site goings-on, etc. So, I get asked, why don't you just use your membership list as a newsletter list, like most other sites, and have them opt in or out of getting email updates, etc.? \n\nWell, I can't do that because MY members are not really my members, they are wikidot's. I don't have access to their emails nor can I send them anything besides a private message, which, I can tell you, does not take the place of being able to email your members. \n\nIf I could change one other thing, it would be this big pet peeve of mine. Most all of the people who join my site are joining my site, period. They are not joining wikidot, per se. Yet wikidot takes \"ownership\" of my members, so to speak. This bothers me. I don't mind sharing the spoils with wikidot and I would hope that a lot of those users who join my site go on to start their own sites, etc. But I am the one that attracted them. I am the one who worked hard to get them, yet so many of them are inactive. I become active again on sites all the time because they drop me an email to remind me. Having access to your own membership list is a big part of having a successful site, and I should not have to ask people to sign up three different ways, i.e. site, newsletter, and/or facebook. "

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