Application compatibility wiki for Mac OS X Lion.
Wikidot design & development

Designed and developed solely by myself, RoaringApps is an advanced collaborative wiki harnessing the full power of the Wikidot.com publishing platform. Visited by thousands of Mac enthusiasts each week, the site aims to make it easier to check the compatibility of applications with the soon to be released Mac OS X Lion operating system.


Personal portfolio of Shane Smith.
Wikidot theme design

A simple and flexible custom Wikidot theme design.

The Startup Project

Articles & interviews for entrepreneurs and investors.
Wordpress theme development

The Startup Project is a Wordpress-powered blog delivering news, resources and interviews to the startup community. As my first attempt at developing for Wordpress, I used an existing theme as a base and built on top of it, (eventually) delivering a fully-customised theme to suit the specific needs of the site.


Virtual keyboard for Windows tablets
Wikidot theme development

TapType is a revolutionary new virtual keyboard for Windows tablets. The TapType website is powered by Wikidot and I was tasked with developing the theme, which includes a video lightbox overlay.

BMC Creative

Personal blog & portfolio site.
Wikidot design & development

Now in its third iteration, bmccreative.com (previously css3.wikidot.com) had lead the way in CSS designs for Wikidot sites since it was first published in mid-2010. What started as my first foray into Wikidot & CSS has evolved into a personal blog that I am proud to maintain, delivering new and unique content for the Wikidot community.
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