Data Form Checkbox

Here's the page source from the template of the checkbox category, showcasing a couple of different ways of using the checkbox field in wikidot data forms.

++++ Do you want a coffee? **[[span class="yes%%form_data{Coffee}%%"]]Yes[[/span]][[span class="no%%form_data{Coffee}%%"]]No[[/span]]**.
+++ Putting it in a sentence...
The customer wants the following with their coffee: [[span class="milk%%form_data{Milk}%%"]]Milk,[[/span]] [[span class="sugar%%form_data{Sugar}%%"]]Sugar,[[/span]] [[span class="biscuit%%form_data{Biscuit}%%"]]Biscuit[[/span]].

+++ Now in a table...
||~ Milk || [[span class="yes%%form_data{Milk}%%"]]Yes[[/span]] || [[span class="no%%form_data{Milk}%%"]]No[[/span]] || 
||~ Sugar || [[span class="yes%%form_data{Sugar}%%"]]Yes[[/span]] || [[span class="no%%form_data{Sugar}%%"]]No[[/span]] ||
||~ Biscuit || [[span class="yes%%form_data{Biscuit}%%"]]Yes[[/span]] || [[span class="no%%form_data{Biscuit}%%"]]No[[/span]] ||

+++ And finally a random fact (using includes)...
[[include inc:milk%%form_data{Milk}%%]]
[[module CSS]]
.yes1 {display:inline; color: green;}
.yes0 {display:none;}
.no1 {display:none;}
.no0 {display:inline; color: red;}

.milk1 {display:inline;}
.milk0 {display:none;}
.sugar1 {display:inline;}
.sugar0 {display:none;}
.biscuit1 {display:inline;}
.biscuit0 {display:none;}

    type: checkbox
    label: Would you like a coffee?
    type: checkbox
    label: Do you have milk with your coffee?
    type: checkbox
    label: Do you have sugar?
    type: checkbox
    label: Would you like a biscuit as well (it's chocolate!)?
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