Theme Changes

The following is a list of changes made to this site's theme. Major theme updates are marked with a red header. Feel free to discuss the changes in the comments section at the bottom.

versions 1.38 - 1.40

  • Changed the appearance of the new post button - it now matches the demo buttons.
  • Slight refinements to hovertips for blog post.
  • Fixed positioning of the post date container for single line page titles.
  • Changed the line height of multi-line page titles - currently, these require a custom CSS module to reposition the post date container.

version 1.37

  • Added customisations for the pagination buttons, to be added to the _start page.
  • Minor fixes (mainly -moz- support) for the changes in v1.36.

version 1.36

  • Site now supports longer page titles. Updates include:
    • Changes to sidebar lists, including background colour change on hover.
    • Page titles are now slightly wider: 670px (up from 650px).
    • The post titles on the start page now show the title in the middle of the background, and turn green when hovered over (uses webkit transitions to slide up the green background).
  • Fixed the header h5 issue with the fine print sidebar box.

While the changes in this theme update are not immediately obvious, they will greatly enhance the flexibility of the site by allow much longer page titles. The discovery of the display property table-cell has allowed both the sidebar lists and post headers to show the content in the centre, while also allowing two lines of text to fit neatly in the box.

version 1.35

  • h5 Headers are back. Uses webkit transitions to slide the header up from behind the box title.

version 1.34

  • Updates to theme pages (like this one). Updates include:
    • Preview image - will scale up when hovered over in webkit browsers (Safari, Chrome).
    • New Quick Info box - matches the sidebar boxes. Also uses webkit animations and :after pseudo class to slide the header across (only in webkit browsers). Do you like it, or is it a little bit too much? Let me know what you think in the comments below. I've just taught myself webkit animations, and have plenty of ideas in store. Stay tuned on how to add them to your site.
  • Fixed the sidebar about section z-index issue. It now displays beneath the shader of popup messages.

version 1.33

  • Added support for the little plus icon in the sidebar about section. It uses webkit transitions to animate the rotation on hover.

version 1.32a

  • Added support for the Ribboned Infobox blog post.
  • Added blog-image support - for border & box shadow of images in blog posts.
  • Slight alteration to headers on this page.

version 1.31

  • Added the ribbon headers to this page. Like them - there's a blog post with them on an infobox here.

version 1.30

  • Fixed the resizing issue with the contact form textareas - they now only resize vertically (CSS3 browsers only).

version 1.29

  • Slight refinements to hovertips (eg. when you hover over the links in the footer).
  • The contact forms have now been customised. I also found out that if you try to submit a form without a required field completed, the form shows the errors. These errors can be customised with CSS - so try submitting the contact form without any of the fields filled in. A blog post about customising the contact form is in the pipeline.

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