The wikidot editor - it's not as bad as you think

The wikidot editor - it's not as bad as you think

Some quality time spent with the wikidot editor revealed it's not all that bad.

Recently I was doing some styling with the wikidot editor to see if I could make it look less… (insert word of choice here). To me, it has always been functional over aesthetic. It gets the job done without screaming at you how good it is. So I took it upon myself to try and restyle it a little bit - and the result wasn't half bad.


So that's the aesthetics out of the way, how about the functionality? As I've mentioned before, I've never really been one to make use of the editor's buttons, which is a shame, because there's some great functionality in there. Not only do they cover just about all the wiki syntax your average Joe will ever need, but there's some great wizards there that will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. A little bit of CSS to make it less harsh on the eye and these popup windows start to look half alright. Check after the break for some shots of my styled popups.

I was going to release the CSS for the revised editor, but it doesn't really play nicely with other themes just yet. When I get a chance, I'll take it out the back and give it a stern talking to, and then hopefully you'll all be able to enjoy it hassle free.

The page link wizard


The URL link wizard


The code block wizard


Import photos from a page, a URL or even Flickr


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