Remove RSS link from ListPages module

Remove RSS link from ListPages module

It has nearly been two weeks since my last post, mainly because I’m (supposed to be) studying for exams, but I just couldn’t resist myself, so here’s a very quick little tip.

RSS link

When you use the ListPages module to generate an RSS feed, a little icon with a link to that feed is automatically added to the bottom of the list-pages-box. But if you already have a more pronounced link to your RSS feed elsewhere on your site, you may want to remove this link. By just adding the code below, now you can…

.list-pages-box .feedinfo {
    display: none;

Other Site News

In between studying, I’ve been doing a bit of theme development - I’ve just about completed my first premium theme (I aim to have three ready when they are released), and I’ve also been working on a revamp for this site (which I’m rather proud of). I aim to release the Premium themes and start designing Custom themes by the end of June, inline with the upgrade to this site.
Oh, and I finally got around to creating a Twitter account separate from @You_Review, so now you can follow @BMCWebDesign for the latest news on this site & my theme development - I might even update it a bit more often.
And that’s all for now (can you tell I really can’t be bothered studying?).

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