Premium Themes - Draft Outline

Premium Themes - Draft Outline

A draft outline of how we plan to differentiate free and premium themes.

Here at BMC WebDesign, we're looking forward to bringing you some very neat premium themes for your wikidot site, and are currently in the process of working out exactly what premium themes means. From the structure of the theme and differentiating it from free versions, to how the themes are previewed, paid for and transferred, we want to make sure everything is perfect before you hand over your hard earned cash. So we've posted this blog entry to allow you, the wikidot users, to voice your opinion on anything related to premium themes.

Survey Now Open

Take the Survey Now

We've created a survey to help us get a better idea of what you expect from a premium theme. We invite all wikidot users to take the survey here. Once we've had enough responses, we'll post the results here for further discussion.

Free vs Premium Themes

To start the ball rolling, we've set up a table outlining how we are planning to differentiate between free and premium themes. At this stage everything is still in its draft form and therefore not set in concrete, but we hope this will give you an idea of where we are heading. Please use the comments section at the bottom of this page to tell us what you think about premium themes - we'd love to hear from you.

Pricing Free

AUD$15-20, $30-50 outright info-20.png If a theme has not yet been purchased, the option to buy the theme outright means you buy the exclusive rights to that theme.

Custom Theme Elements
Buttons yes yes
Tables yes yes

Code Blocks info-20.png Also includes quote blocks.

yes yes
Code Colouring no yes
Forum no yes

Popup Messages info-20.png Popup messages include any messages that dim the background of the page, eg. saving page, error messages, etc.

no yes
Tabs no yes
Image Header DIY, files are provided. Yes, on request.
Included Extras
Infobox 1 2-4 (depends on theme)

Hovertips info-20.png Includes both text and image (like this one) based tips.

no yes
Image Frames no polaroid, elegant
Other Information
Multiple Page Designs no yes
Refund Policy N/A

14 day full refund info-20.png Conditions apply, more details will be provided with release of the first premium theme.

Support limited support priority email

(P.S. A blog post about the hover tips used above will be posted soon.)

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