...and done. Welcome back

…and done. Welcome back

Welcome to the all new css3.wikidot.com - the home of BMC WebDesign

It took me longer than I had expected, and there’s still a few things that need tweaking, but I am now pleased to present you with the all new site design for css3.wikidot.com.
Among the many changes that have taken place, here’s a few:

  • an all new home page (of which I am rather proud) - this adds some much needed functionality to default landing page.
  • new support documentation pages - they’re empty at the moment, but I’ll fill them up before releasing my premium themes.
  • a new theme request service built on wikidot data forms. I think I’ve got it pretty much sorted so that submissions can be kept private if wanted.

The ensure the privacy of submitted requests, you need to become a member of the site before completing the form. I also removed those of you who were already site members (although I'm not sure how you joined in the first place) to ensure that only those will currently active designs have access to the projects pages.

There’s still a few things that I need to do, but I figured the site had been down for long enough, and is functioning properly as it is. These include:

  • theme pages still need to be completely redesigned.
  • I’m still tweaking the pricing table to get it to display properly in all browsers.

Unfortunately the @font-face rule I’ve used extensively throughout the theme doesn’t currently work in Firefox. This was a big blow and I spent several hours fixing the CSS to allow it to support other fonts (the Qlassik font I am embedding is significantly smaller than any other default fonts). I think I’ve adjusted just about everything so that it looks okay in Firefox, but if you find something I’ve missed, please report it in the comments of this page.

In terms of theme development, premium themes will be released in early July, and custom theme requests are now being taken. I hope you like the new design as much as I do, and thank you for being patient while I upgraded the site.

Oh, and you can still see the 'under maintenance' landing page at http://css3.wikidot.com/_public.

Edit: Here's some other changes that I forgot to mention above:
  • I've added support for HTML in addition to the wikidot syntax in blog posts. Initially I toyed with the idea of using James' multilingual framework to add an HTML 'language' to the blog, but then I realised I could just as easily use tabview to display the two different code blocks. Still, there could be some other uses to the ml framework other than plain languages.
  • The site now has a new favicon - it replaces the rather shameful '#' icon that I had previously.

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