Add a tweet button to your wikidot site

Add a tweet button to your wikidot site

Go viral on twitter by integrating simple sharing on your wikidot site.

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I've just added a new snippet to the ever-growing list of user-contributed code at that allows you to easily add the official Twitter tweet button to your wikidot site. All you have to do is use the following code…

[[include :snippets:tweet-button
|text=Check out this awesome page on @wikidot

You can also use the button in a live template by using %%variables%%:

[[include :snippets:tweet-button


These are the attributes required in the include:
Attribute Required Allowed values Default value Description
url yes any valid URL, including %%link%% The URL of the page you want to share.
text yes any text The text that people will include in their Tweet when they share from your website.
via yes any twitter username The username you want @-mentioned in the tweet (probably your own).
count yes vertical, horizontal, none Controls the display of the tweet count.
align no left, right, center left Sets the horizontal positioning of the button.

See it in action

See the button below for a real-life working solution. Go on, you know you want to press that button…

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